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Instagram honista is an app that is growing fast in Google compared to other apps. The reason for its popularity is that they give freedom to users to use the app. That app is similar to the instagram app. They are modified files of instagram. They have many features that are not present in the instagram app. Some features are so that you can download the video photo or release from the app to our device. In instagram for downloading the video i need to install the video photo or release downloader, but in honi ista they are some thing or not needed. Their advanced features are they work equally in low or high devices. There is no restructuring for using it.

 Moreover, they are present in the play store. Nowadays many people are using instagram or honista therefore now many people use honista or insta for your business. People upload the business picture for people’s attention and they can give the online order if they like something. Honista app is special for Android and iOS devices. In this app many categories are present, you want to see something then select that category, and honista instagram shows a photo or video related to that category.  




In the app setting many themes are available. You can install a favourite theme in app or wallpaper and you can also change the chat background or wallpaper. 


One of the advanced features of app one of them is fonts. Many fonts are present for example story fonts and app fonts are available. 

Ghost mode in instagram honista

Many ghost mods are present e.x chat ghost, story ghost and live ghost. In this ghost mode you can see chat but the user cannot know if messages are seen or not. Therefore story seen or live are not 


You can lock any chat with your friend. This app’s privacy or security is strong. You can hide any friend chat with other people. Moreover, hide all chat options are also present. 

Sharing stories

In instagram honista you can share any video or photo with other friends or on other platforms such as facebook, instagram or twitter. 

Data Consumption Control

You can customise the app without any restriction. Moreover, in this app, stories are shared with other friends or saved. 

Business pages in instagram honista

Many people create an account in this app for his business. People can also create a business profile. People share his business picture so that they attract you. Furthermore, users can also give the online order to business owners.

GPS location in instagram honista

Business owners create the business profile  and they can also set up the his GPS location so that if any one wants to buy something they reached in the correct location. And GPS shows your location in the world. 

Social networking

This is a social app, you can share anything with your family or friends through this app and also share video in this app to any other social app for example facebook or instagram. 

Sponsored business posts

If you earn through this app then you should start to share sponsored posts. Through the sponsored post you can advertise anything and earn through it. 


Download the honista app

  • Search honista in google and open the site
  • Click the blue download button.
  • Install the hon instagram file in your device.
  • After the installation, open the app and enjoy it.


If a person asks that the honi ista is the best social app in google then they are not false. Instagram honista is a similar app with instagram. There are modded files of instagram and they have many features that are not present in instagram or other social apps. You can download the video, photo or release in your android without any downloader. Ghost mod is an advanced feature in it. Moreover, in the top bar search option is present and the category option is also present. You can select your favourite category and watch the video related to that category.

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