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honista instagram

honista instagram is an Android social media networking app. It allows you to express yourself by sharing photos and videos. Users can upload pictures and videos using the camera on their phones.

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Version v7.0

honista APK

Honista is an Android social media networking app. It allows you to express yourself by sharing photos and videos. Users can upload pictures and videos using the camera on their phones. It also permits users to share photos, videos, and even location-tagged photos.  And you can see your friend’s photos with a location tag.

Honista Apk is a famous app for sharing images, videos, audio, and text messages. Honista is available on both Android and iOS devices.  This is a unique app for more concentration sitting at your home. The app is like Instagram but is more advanced and has many new features. Watch wrestling


Honista APK

Offline access and streaming are impossible, but Honi insta APK is possible for users. This app lets you control your active status if you are online.  It offers various unique and powerful features unavailable in the original Instagram. Users can customize its entire look and interface with over fifty different colors. The Honesta app for Android is a multi-stage app developed from the Instagram app, as it provides you with many benefits.

Honista  app

The Honista app is an updated version with many features, like blocking Instagram ads. Everyone can easily download videos, images, reels,  and posts and share them on another app. It also hides your view of someone’s story and many unique features. honista instagram apk enables you to watch unlimited content while offline. pikashow


Features of Honista


If you like to post photos and videos, you can use different filters and stickers to make them more attractive. One of the fantastic Honista apk Download offers valuable features, including,

User Interface

honista instagram apk download provides a user-friendly interface. You can easily use the app without any disturbance. Pikashow


honista instagram download allows people to explore various styles and themes. You can choose your favorite image and use this image as the background of chats.

Ghost Mode

Some unique features are available in this latest version

  • Users can view the story.
  • Live interactions with ghosts.
  • Checking the functionality of chat.
  •  Activate the ghost mode.

Customizing fonts

Now, you have an excellent opportunity to customize the fonts of your story.  Everyone can easily access and use various fonts in their stories.

Privacy Lock

Lock and hide secret chats from your pals or family using the lock feature.

Emoji Collection

A great collection of emojis is available on honista apk instagram. These emojis make the chat more expressive and speaking.

Easy to use

Easiness increases affiliation. Because of its user-friendly and straightforward layout, Honi ista is easy for new and experienced users to access.  Users can freely use this conversation app without learning its usage.

Honista Store

The big store is providing numerous commodities in the most demanding categories. Buy them whenever you need them. Moreover, discounts are also available timely.

Stories of Followers

All stories of followers appear on the Instagram platform on the upper bar. Click on the download notification and enjoy the stories when you are offline.

Videos of Followers

Followers’ videos appear on the screen. Freely download the videos and enjoy watching videos in your leisure time.

Free App

A direct link is available for downloading the Honista latest version for free. The developer continuously updates the links and provides solutions to the problems.

Editing Videos

Video creators don’t need video editing apps like Cute Cut, Kinemaster, or Viva Video to edit and share their videos with friends. Because all in one app, Download Honista is offering professional and straightforward video editing tools.

Block Spammers

Annoy comments and chats of spammers on your profile. If any spammer is annoying you, the best way to get rid of such people is to block such spammers without thinking for a second.

Better Privacy

The app maintains confidentiality and privacy of data. You can keep your privacy by using different steps to strengthen the confidentiality of Hon instagram.

Business Pages

People can create meaningful and unique business pages on their profiles.

Social Networking

Suppose you want a platform to share your memories and life experiences with friends. Then, Honista iphone is the best app. Share videos and images with family and friends.

Auto and GPS functioning

Take a fresh video or photo to create a user activity using auto functioning. Moreover, people can locate themselves using the latest GPS functioning.

Culmination services or products

Use video to highlight and demonstrate your services or products.

GPS Location

The supporting GPS location opti



  • honista instagram offers the option to set a lock for the entire application using a password or fingerprint.
  • Honista gives you the option to show or hide notifications from hidden conversations. This feature is helpful if you want to keep specific chats private and not receive notices.
  • Users can automatically lock the application after a particular time. This feature is helpful to ensure that your chats and data are safe when you are away from your device.
  • Users can control whether to show or hide hidden conversations while unlocking the conversation list.
  • Honista permits you to change the app icon to resemble the hero of another app on your device. This feature helps maintain privacy by disguising the app as a different application.
  •  This feature allows you to maintain privacy by keeping the app lock icon hidden from others.
  • You can set a lock to communicate with a PIN code or fingerprint.
  • This feature is helpful to keep some chats private and hidden from others.


  • Some features are only accessible online.
  • Your login information for your Instagram account is not stored on any server owned or operated by Honista. Therefore, you will need help accessing your account.
  • Does not work on lower devices.
  • Risk of losing your account or data if the app is banned

Key Features

  • No registration is required.
  • You must register online to play.
  • There are also rewards and prizes for winning games.
  • Some basic options are available during installation.
  • We do not accept third-party advertisements.
  • This is a free download.
  • Home and broadcast are available without registration.

What’s new?

  • This app also allows you to choose low-quality images and videos for display to browse Instagram and save internet usage easily.
  • It allows you to copy text on posts, comments, and bios with just one long click.
  • Users have the option to block Instagram ads. They can either filter ads or block all ads completely. They can secure pages and accounts they see in their recommendation list.
  • This app has an inbuilt downloader that helps users view their favorite posts and stories and download them in high resolution.
  • It includes a ghost mode that lets users browse anonymously and do their activities privately and can hide double ticks for messages so that recipients don’t know if they see the information.
  • It allows you to upload any photo and video directly to your feed and save videos, stories, and reel videos from Instagram to your device.
  • It includes multiple chat settings. It offers different font styles, text sizes, chat backgrounds, and a vast collection of emojis and emoticons that you can add according to your preferences.
  • Honista’s latest version offers a unique appearance layout that allows users to completely change its appearance and interface, for example, themes, user interface, colors, design of elements, etc.


Honista Instagram APK Download

instagram honista is one of the most famous social media platforms with large-scale followers and consumers. There are straightforward steps to download the app.

  • First, click on the download button.
  • Go to Settings, and then Security allows unknown sources.
  • Download the apk file on your device.
  • Now complete installations, you will get a notification on your screen.
  • Enjoy this amazing app.


honista instagram apk has many features, from photo sharing to messaging and video chat. The app permits advanced features like privacy, lock and hide chats, and customization options, ensuring user information remains private and safe.  It offers many additional features compared to the original Instagram app.

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